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Do you regret your marriage, and why?

They say that with marriage, you’ll regret it either way - whether you do it, or don’t.

I think it’s something that even those who are happily married or are feeling free because they didn’t get married can both agree on.

Why is that?

This is not something that just applies to marriage only.

This is because the human mind cannot truly be satisfied with anything. We all have a negative mind of inferiority deep inside our minds from birth. It’s because we seek everything and make all choices out of such a mind that we feel regretful regardless of what choices we make.

Often times, I have found that I was simply trying to satisfy my greed when I thought I loved the person. Human love isn’t about loving the other person for just the way the person is. It only loves a certain thing about the person that satisfies my inferiority, so it’s quite self-centered. That’s why love changes as time goes by, and although marriage may satisfy a certain desire that I had, once it’s satisfied, I end up wanting something else, something more from my partner. That’s how the human mind is.

However, everyone has a different mind. Even the siblings who grew up in the same family under the same parents each has different minds. The reason why married couples fight is also because their minds are different from each other. Everyone has a different mind and has been living a different life, and it’s not easy to suddenly change that and try to adjust to the other person and become the same mind just because you’re married.

I think we first need to admit that we are different – that we have different gender, learned different things from parents and school, had a different career, and that we have been living differently overall. And then, when we become the big mind of the universe that can accept our differences, only then we can embrace and accept the other person just the way they are and that is true love. I’d like to share a video that will be helpful for your marriage – it will be your key to a happy marriage without regrets where you can be best friends to each other, instead of being selfish and having an empty marriage that is just for the show.

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