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How do you heal severe depression without drugs? How do you do it?

Being a meditation instructor guide for over 16 years now, and also, being an 'ex' depressive almost on the verge of suicide, first I would like to say to all of those who suffer: "Tell me about yourself. I will listen to you, I can at least do that.”

When someone is very depressed, there are usually unconscious emotions that until now could not be expressed or detected. In many cases, we do not like to face our negative emotions and we try to escape from them.

In my case, I was able to completely free myself from the depression when I did the following during my meditation process, I hope it helps you:

1. Listen to yourself. Do not try to convince or persuade yourself. Just listen to what you feel. It is very important to acknowledge your feelings. In many cases, you will discover within yourself screams of anger, tears of sadness, sighs of disappointment, desolation due to loneliness, ache of guilt, etc.

2. Accept yourself. See yourself as you are. Neither praise yourself nor criticize yourself. Just see how you are. You may feel that you are insufficient, incomplete, insignificant, not understood, etc. Ask yourself: so what? Is that a reason to hate myself? Does anyone hate their dog because it won't buy them a car? You will see that you have very high expectations about yourself. You don't need to be someone or have something to accept yourself. Would you only accept friends because they give you something every time they visit you?

3. Find the cause of your agony. If you have any pain, disappointment, or trauma, whatever it is, accept that they are just life events. No human story lasts forever ... everything will pass. Errors are corrected when you accept them.

4. Be thankful for that experience. If you embrace your experiences with a big heart, the energy of the universe grows in you.

5. Let go. You cannot catch the wind with your hands. This applies to anything. Leave everything in the hands of the great universe, the light within you, and enjoy the great harmony of the universe. Man is created to perform very special works. You must appreciate and value the Creator, who has brought you into this world for that reason. If you had been given everything from the beginning, then how would you be able to thank and praise your creator with all your heart?

6. Cleanse your conscience. If you clear the emotional burdens found in your history, your genes and cells, you will be able to start a new path. It would be like "resetting" your mind.

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