New Jersey Meditation Centers offer the community with a unique and transformative meditation practice. The meditation is a guided step by step practice with one on one guided sessions classes as well as group meditation classes. The human mind takes pictures of one's entire life and stores them in the brain. From these pictures thousands of thoughts are produced causing; stress, pain and limitations. With our simple meditation method, you will learn to let go of stress, worries, and burdens that were accumulated from life.

Through meditation, one obtains inner peace, happiness, wisdom, and clarity. Often people first notice a more restful sleep and clarity in their minds. Our centers are a place where people learn true coexistence by becoming one through meditation.

We will teach you step by step how to meditate. At our centers the goal is not just  to relax and go back to being the same once you leave. The goal is to make real fundamental improvements. As you progress, you’ll free all of your accumulated burdens that you have gathered throughout your life. In their place will be a newly-found serenity, confidence and the ability to become your true self.



The advantage of having one on one guided meditation is that the students can get full attention and care from instructors for maximum benefit and progress.


Don’t let your busy schedule get in the way. We work with the time you have so you can still benefit with the program.


Everyone is different.
We offer both individual and group sessions to tailor the program for your needs and goals.




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